December 10, 2017

Meeting called to order by President Cathy Miller at 1:56 p.m. in the Oakhurst Library.  This meeting was held in conjunction with our holiday party.

 Minutes: Motion to approve October minutes as presented made by Terry; seconded by John.  Minutes approved.

Treasurer’s Report: No report this month.

 Membership: No report this month.

Education:  Denise made her report under Old Business:  SNF Volunteer Planning meeting.

Public Lands:  No report this month.

Old Business:

1.YLP Packing Demo:  John, Cathy, Denise, Sharon and Patricia participated in the packing      demo which was well received at the YLP event.  They liked the animals and the info.

2.SNF Volunteer Planning Meeting:  Denise reported this was the first meeting; the group wants to network with other volunteer groups.  A local start up bike club is very interested in working with us to clear trails in the Bass Lake area. Denise also reported meeting up with Rick Fleming to talk about coordinating summer projects at 77.  A second meeting is planned for January.  Denise also asked Corey (FS) if we can get going on NEPA (National Environmental Protection Agency) EIR to expand Granite Creek to include RV’s.

3.Spring Cove Trail:  November 27 work party cleared out 22 trees.  A few days later an amazing wind storm in the area blew down many more trees.  A second work party date was planned for December 21: meet at the boat ramp at 9:30 with PPE, lunch and energy.

New Business:

1.Elections:  Elections were held for the positions of Secretary and Treasurer.  Sharon was re-elected as Secretary, and Laurie as Treasurer.

2.Addition:  New Year’s Day Ride:  The group discussed and planned to hold a New Year’s Day Ride at Hensley Lake.  Plan to meet at 10:00 January 1, 2018 at the Buck Ridge parking area and bring a lunch or extra food to share.  Ted Fisher also mentioned that the SJS unit will be holding a NYD ride at the Gorge, which includes a meal.  Plan to meet at 11:00 a.m.

3.Addition: AHRP:  Gloria Garland reported riding at the park and was met with an unhappy Board member.  She described the encounter (they are unhappy with horse poop not being picked up and equestrians not parking behind the gate) and poured on the charm.  Be aware we are being watched out there so play by the rules.  Gloria is planning to to attend one of their meetings in an effort to foster better relationships.

4.Addition:  Leadership Training:  Ted Fisher reported the training is scheduled for Saturday, January 13 at the Yosemite Falls Cafe in Clovis.  The training will start at noon and is hosted by the SJS unit.  It is a good training to help members from the Central CA BCHC units to better understand and learn a about the positions of President, VP, Secretary and Treasurer. 

5.Addition:  Mustang Matt:  John had a proposition for Fund Raiser:  He knows a clinician, Mustang Matt, that is willing to hold a clinic at YLP.  Details were discussed; John to get some additional information from MM and we will follow this up at our next meeting.

General Discussion/Announcements:


The next meeting will be Tuesday, January 16 at 6:30 p.m. the Oakhurst Library.

Meeting adjourned at 3:05 p.m; motioned by John, seconded by Terry.

                                   Respectfully submitted,
                                        Sharon Seslowe

                                             May 23, 2017

Meeting called to order by President Cathy Miller at 6:35 p.m. in the Oakhurst Library.

Additions: Cathy had two items to add: Grant at Granite Creek and Mariposa Mountain Riders request. Both items to be discussed later in meeting. introductions of new members and guests present; including Corrie, representing the National  Forest.

Minutes: Motion to approve April minutes as presented made by Denise; seconded by John.
Minutes approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Laurie reported an increase to the balance due to one new membership, two membership renewals and income from the BCHA grant.

Membership: Laurie reported two members renewed and one new membership.

Education: Denise had a great idea while out shopping one day at Sportsman’s Warehouse  (having noted they had photos of packing but offered no equipment for sale). She proposed to the unit that we, up to our neck in Wilderness Riders dreaming of opportunities to educate, make an offer to the store to do a presentation for the store and others like it. The members present thought it was a great idea. Denise to work on an outline for the proposal. Mary offered to assist with that presentation as well as any at the Acorn Center (AHRP). 

Monthly Ride: No monthly rides have been planned.

Public Lands: Jay asked what the unit was doing regarding the bills presented at previous meetings; if we were going to be proactive or just float along. Mary responded by saying that as issues come up we can decide as a group if we want to respond; as always responding 
within the scope of the group’s mission: Trail preservation and education.

Old Business:
1. Earth Day, North Fork: Denise reported approximately 30 people visited her booth and overall it was a good day. She also got a line on a possible guest speaker, willing to come and talk all things trout with us. If we want, she can proceed with reeling him in. 
2. Coarsegold Rodeo/Gold Rush Days: About 400 kids enjoyed our livestock at the CR, and there were lots of opportunities for discussion. The kids were good and respectful of the animals. GRD demo saw about 150 kids, and about all 150 of them took a ride on Patricia’spony. Both events were great opportunities for kids. Thanks to those that volunteered for these events!
3. Sierra Nevada Forest Volunteer Awards: Corrie brought interagency passes for those members that had accrued enough hours to earn them. At the awards, Robbie was honored with an Enduring Service Award and the Sierra Freepackers earned a Gold Award. We may be small but we are mighty! Special congratulations for Robby; well deserved!!!
4. Ahwahnee Park Oak Acorn Center: Cathy met with Vern on May 16 to scope out the center and figure out what type of display we would do. It looks like a nice poster of what we do will best suit their needs. Mary suggested using the $100 from a previous donation to help 
cover the cost of the poster. Lots of ideas were discussed; Mary asked Linda to start designing our display poster (LNT and Education themes); Cathy to send and email to Linda with the information.
5. Montana de Oro Camping Trip: Mary has the flyer completed and will send it out after the work at Fish Camp; space constraints will limit attendees to 20 rigs.

New Business:
1. Volunteer Agreement: Cathy and Corrie reviewed the agreement which is the same as last year; Cathy got it signed. Job Hazard Analysis’ (JHA’s) will be reviewed and followed prior to each work party. Keep talking about safety; keep thinking about safety.
2. Snow Play Camp Out: Tentative dates 6/2-6/4 with a plan of Saturday clean up followed by a nice ride; group dinner Saturday night. Mary to send out another email.
3. Logger’s Jamboree Parade: Denise has to confirm the date; possibly July 1 for this event. Ideas discussed for matching long sleeved shirts and getting them in time for the parade.  Laurie knows someone (John’s sawing friend next door?) she can get an estimate and time frame from and will have that information at the next meeting.
4. Granite Creek: Work party dates: July 9-14 for tie rail installation. John to order tie rails and have them delivered to Laurie’s perennial flower garden (ok, wait, that’s probably not right but somewhere at El Rancho Daisy). The corrals at Granite Creek will need to be set 
up; Denise to work with Debbie and let us know when we will be needed for that.
5. Grant: The BCHA grant for $500 that Mary acquired for us will be only part of the funds required for the work needed at Granite Creek. Gloria and Joyce have been working on an additional grant for the other approximate $3000 we need. They are working hard at getting the paperwork submitted correctly and on time. They will follow up next meeting.  If we are not successful getting the second grant, we will need to decide what to do up at Granite Creek.
6. French Trail: Patricia reported on the state of the trail and said there were about 4-5 trees to remove; as well as some work at the water crossing and even more work on the white thorn. Tentative dates for this work party were decided on as Friday June 2; meet at the turnout at 9:30 or 8:30 at Von’s.

General Discussion/Announcements:
1. The Mariposa Mountain Riders called Mary to see if we can help them on trails. They said if we came out to help with leading trail rides, they will give us a free membership. 

The next meeting will be Tuesday June 20, 2017 at 6:30 p.m, here at the Oakhurst Library. 
Meeting adjourned at 8:40 p.m; motioned by Robby seconded by Mary.

Respectfully submitted,
                                  Sharon Seslowe                                     

                            SIERRA FREEPACKERS MEETING MINUTES  
                                              August , 2017

Meeting called to order by President Cathy Miller at 6:30 p.m. in the Oakhurst Library.  Mary had three additions for the agenda:  2018 Rendezvous, Website, and Grant.

 Minutes:  Motion to approve July minutes as presented made by Terry; seconded by John.  Minutes approved.

 Treasurer’s Report: Laurie reported an increase to the balance even with checks paid out due to  MDO payments, membership renewals, and Granite Creek food reimbursements.

 Membership: Laurie reported one member renewed and two more new memberships.

 Education:  Denise reported on and reminded members that toilet paper and it’s stuff are not to be tolerated or left behind in the wilderness.  It’s a big problem in Granite Creek this year.

 Public Lands: Nothing to report; Jay absent.

 Old Business:

1.Montana De Oro:  Those that attended reported a fine time was had by all.  Delicious food and excellent company.  13 members participated; no accidents or wrecks.  Nice outing.
2.Scavenger Hunt Ride:  Scheduled for October 7 as a fund raiser for the group.  location either Fish Camp or Hensley.  Cathy to contact relevant people to see about location requirements (permits and such).  Group also considering YLP as a location for event.
3.Heritage Day Parade:  Scheduled for September 16 in Oakhurst.  Uniform will be burgundy bandana over a white long sleeved shirt, blue jeans and boots.  Chaps/chinks optional.  Discussed, motion made and approved  for matching saddle blankets; group to purchase blankets but individuals purchase bandanas.  Discussed staging at end of parade route then ride to parade start.  Cathy is contact person; watch for emails updating events.

 New Business

1.Volunteer hours:  After reminding members to submit all hours, Mary noted reporting hours (miles) to the state may have been done incorrectly in the past; she corrected prior  miles and will clarify at the next state meeting if it’s now being done correctly.  Happy to report YTD hour value for work done:  $23,417.00  What a great group of hard working peeps!
2.New Safety Protocol:  Cathy reported on the new safety protocol which is required to be followed prior to every ride and/or event; and which was well discussed in the last State Newsletter.  NSP requires lots of forms; Cathy has tracked down just about all but one. New requirements discussed by members and ideas for how to comply.  John passed around a nice item used for “personal emergency information” (medical info).  Laurie has experience in knowing what kind of info is required on this form and will work up a sample form we can all use.
3.Pump Maintenance:  Kelty meadow pump maintenance discussed and plans for replacement prior to next spring.
4.Labor Day Ride:  Cathy would like to plan a Labor Day ride; possibly out of Snow Play; and will follow it up with emails.

5. Addition:  Mary reported the 2018 Rendezvous in Red Bluff has been cancelled.  The next Rendezvous will be in Norco in 2019.  Individual units will be responsible for fundraising on their own.

6. Addition:  Website:  Robby has been doing an awesome job keeping the website looking good; space is an issue.  We either need to cut down on photos or minutes.  Conflict is grant people like to      se photos; minutes need to be posted. 
7. Addition:  Grant:  Mary found a grant opportunity on the AQHA site, “Step Up Grant”, which will be available August of 2018.  There are lots of requirements but looks like a good fit for the unit.

 General Discussion/Announcements:

 The group discussed options for work at Granite Creek next year;  consensus is to clean up the  Mammoth Trail.

 The next meeting will be Tuesday, September 19, 2017 at 6:30 p.m, at the Oakhurst Library.

 Meeting adjourned at 8:05 p.m; motioned by John, seconded by Terry.

                                   respectfully  submitted,
                                         Sharon Seslowe



                                         September 19, 2017

Meeting called to order by President Cathy Miller at 6:35 p.m. in the Oakhurst Library.

Minutes:  Mary noted one correction:  Hour Value YTD corrected to $126,602 not $23,417 that was reported. Motion to approve minutes as corrected made by Linda; seconded by John.  Minutes approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Cathy reported  for Laurie who was absent. One check paid out for Heritage Day Parade registration.

Membership: Mary reported some membership renewals and two new members.

Education:  Denise mentioned we need to step up our education efforts.  With all the Wilderness Riders in the unit, she recommended we form our own education committee.  Idea approved by Cathy.  Congratulations were given to John, the newest WR, on his accomplishment as well as for winning Best Demonstration at the recent class. John mentioned he heard at the class that plans for the 2018 Rendezvous have not been entirely scrapped.

Public Lands: Jay mentioned we need to keep watch on the proposal to downsize/privatize National Parks and Monuments; keep calling representatives and senators to object.  Mary mentioned BCHA will no longer be taking positions on this since members on both sides have strong feelings about it.

Old Business:

1.Scavenger Hunt Ride:  Due to the Railroad Fire, the SHR will not be held in Fish Camp.  Other ideas were brought up for revenue generation: should we have the SHR or calendar or tack/garage sale?  Cathy did some prelim work on calendars; cost of production, etc.  She will follow up with other options for bulk production. Group decided to move forward on calendar for 2018 and consider the tack/garage sale for next winter/spring.

2.Heritage Days Parade:  We garnered some nice publicity for the unit both online (Sierra News Online) and in print (Sierra Star).  The unit won 2 first place trophies, and Patricia won one as well for scooping the poop.  Well done to all who participated. 

New Business

1.Corrals at Granite Creek:  Plan on Thursday, October 5 for corral removal.  Be at GC by 10:00 for the annual tear down! Denise will also be removing the kiosk at Clover Meadow.  She proposed donating the kiosk to Cori so a new one could be built for GC.  John proposed we keep a panel at GC, and we need one at Fish Camp; possibly one at AHRP.   The group determined we can rebuild it and use it for the various proposed locations. 

2.Spring Cove Trail:  Some members rode the trail and counted at least 14 downed trees.  Lots of brushing to do as well.  Tentative trail work day planned for Friday, September 22.  Meet at 9:00 at the Wishon boat launch.  Bring a lunch, loppers and energy!

3.Addition:  Kelty Pump.  The pump needs to be removed; John to work with forest service for access and get it removed, refurbished and stored for the winter.

4.Addition:  Wawona.  Mary and some others rode at Wawona and talked to Burrell (wagonmaster) about volunteering to hold a LNT demonstration for the education programs held there in the spring.  Burrell said those programs were pretty locked but if we wanted to volunteer, he had plenty of work for us.  The group thought this was a great idea.  Mary to follow up.

General Discussion/Announcements:


The next meeting will be Tuesday, October 17, 2017 at 6:30 p.m, at the Oakhurst Library.

Meeting adjourned at 8:10 p.m; motioned by Mary, seconded by Caroline.

                                        Respectfully submitted,
                                             Sharon Seslowe 



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