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How to join

To Join the Backcountry Horsemen of California,

1. Determine what kind of membership you want. (see description below)

2.  Click on the  Membership Application link.

Remember, we are the Sierra Freepackers Unit

3. Print and fill it out.  Mail it in with your check. Address is on the application. 

There are also  new memberships. Young Adult (aged 18-25 years) is $15; 2 year Individual is $90, 2 year family is $110, 3 year individual is $125, 3 year family is $150.

Individual: Memberships are for individuals 18 and over. You get one vote at General Meetings; $50 a year

Family: Memberships are for - families! You and your family may participate in all BCHC events. You get two votes during General Meetings. Everyone in your family has to live at the same address
$60 a year.

Benefactor: All immediate family members are included in Benefactor memberships, and are eligible to participate fully in BCHC and Local Unit activities; ONLY TWO adults from each Benefactor membership may vote during General Business meetings.  $100 a year.

Patron: A Patron has all the privileges of a family membership.  Patron members are also encouraged to participate in such activities as our annual Spring Rendezvous, as well as activities in their local unit.  $250 a year. 

Mt. Whitney: Mt. Whitney has all the privileges of a family membership, but you are contributing at the top level. In California, Mt. Whitney is as high as you can go and still touch the ground. That fact gave the name to  Mt. Whitney membership type; this group contributes the most to our effort.  $500 a year.

Associate: If you'd like to participate in more than one BCHC Local Unit, you may maintain one or more BCHC Associate Memberships. This Membership is available ONLY to persons already holding Individual or higher membership in good standing. You can add a unit for $15 per unit.